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Over the past several years, M.I. Viau has invested in many projects which have enabled us to increase and expand our network. Today, we are committed to surpassing ourselves in all aspects of our service areas while still promising competitive prices, quality products and customized deliveries.


We pay particular attention when processing all orders to ensure accuracy and prompt delivery. Our customers’ satisfaction is a result of our effective, coherent and structured supply chain system. Moreover, the solid relationships we maintain with our suppliers and our strong logistical expertise makes us a trustworthy and diligent partner. We strive to ensure maximum benefits in the matters of costs and deadlines.

Walk-In Service

Our walk-in service allows you to take advantage of our experts’ advice and to purchase your parts directly in-store. You have an emergency? Our purchasing department is at your disposal to quickly find the part you need.


Our customized delivery service is reliable and consistent. We adapt our supply chain according to your project’s progress and promise quick and reliable deliveries. We guarantee your orders will always arrive on the expected delivery date and according to your specific requirements, thus ensuring you peace of mind.


Are you looking to order plumbing or heating supplies for a major project? Are you renovating your bathroom and require new fixtures or a new bathtub? No matter the scope of your project, our advisors will always provide you with an accurate breakdown of all product costs. We promise to offer competitive prices and abide to the specifications of your quote request. We will also deliver all your products on request and according to your requirements. Call us today for more information about our services.


Thanks to our warehouse capacity, we can offer our customers a remarkable variety of products at extremely competitive prices. Partnering with 300 suppliers, we have a diversified inventory of over 20,000 plumbing parts and components as well as a wide range of pumps and heating supplies. You need it, we got it!


Come visit our showroom and discover a vast range of products and plumbing accessories for the kitchen and bathroom, as well as our pumps and heating systems. Not only will you have an opportunity to take advantage of our experts’ advice on-site, but you will be able to compare our different designs, ensuring the best choice and smartest purchase for your project. Plumbers are always welcome to bring their clients to our showroom to help them design their project according to the different models and variety of fixtures.


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